Strategic location

Banská Bystrica is a regional centre

It is a university town with a high-quality workforce which serves as an essential basis for the stability and long-term prosperity of businesses and the region itself. The building is located on Partizanska Street 3, an area of town called Sidlísko, which is on the outskirts of the town center. In accordance with the Municipal Plan, it is located in the area of the Central Pedestrian Zone.

A ten-minute walk from the SNP Square
Bus stop is located directly in front of the building.
The R1 exist in a 500m distance from the parking house.
Eight-minute walk to the main railway and bus station.


The location is very well served by transport

Various financial houses, banks, the town hall, the post office and the medical centre are located nearby. The historic centre, SNP Square, railway and bus station are located only within a ten-minute walk. The locality provides excellent transportation facilities including parking and public transport. The R1 exit to the Banská Bystrica bypass serves as a direct connection to the European highway network.